In these unprecedented times, most of us are staying and working at home right now. There are some good dental care at home tips that you can use when it comes to your oral health care to protect yourself and your loved ones during this pandemic.

After months of quarantine, we all know that the Coronavirus can survive longer on some surfaces, so taking care of our toothbrush, floss, interdental picks and brushes can provide an extra layer of protection. Good oral hygiene is an important step in maintaining good overall health.

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the CDC recommends practicing good general hygiene, such as washing your hands regularly, social distancing, and not touching your face. In addition to this, it is also crucial to practice good oral hygiene to help prevent you and your family from getting sick. We have outlined a few helpful oral hygiene tips for dental care at home that you can use.

Clean your toothbrush properly

It is highly important that you wash your hands with soap before and after you touch your toothbrush, to avoid potentially spreading anything to or from your mouth. The plastic, soft bristles, and other components of a toothbrush can collect viruses. Be sure to rinse your toothbrush before and after every use by holding it under hot water to soften the bristles and release any hardened toothpaste from the last use. You can also soak the toothbrush in a combination of mouthwash and a bit of hydrogen peroxide, followed by a thorough rinse with water before using.

Maintain a routine

Your normal daily routine may have kissed goodbye, but it doesn’t mean your dental care at home routine needs to change. Just because you aren’t leaving your house, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to brush your teeth in the morning when you wake up. It is more important now than ever to stick to your daily oral care routine. Along with brushing, do not forget to floss! Even after brushing teeth (twice a day), debris and plaque collect between them. Flossing helps in cleansing hard-to-reach areas between your teeth. It also helps reduce your risk of developing gum disease, periodontal disease, and heart disease. Don’t skip these two minutes from your daily oral healthcare routine and floss for a cleaner, healthier you!

Limit sugar acidic drinks intake

Did you know that sugary snacks can harm your smile? High in acid foods and drinks can also have a negative impact on your oral health. The WHO recommends that the limit of our sugar intake should be below 10 percent of our daily calories. Acid wears away the enamel that protects your teeth, and overtime when your enamel is weakened or destroyed, forming cavities. This can cause severe permanent damage to your smile. Instead of starchy foods, try to add more fiber-rich fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products in your diet. In order to protect your teeth at home, limit your sugar, acidic beverages, and foods, always rinse your mouth with water after drinking soft drinks, teas, coffees, and juices, and add a habit of brushing and flossing of your teeth after snacking on sugary treats. You should treat yourself but also be mindful of how you are treating your oral and overall health.

Change your toothbrush

We recommend our patients to change their toothbrush or electric toothbrush head every three months to ensure you are cleaning your teeth with a fresh, soft-bristled brush. Bent or frayed bristles cannot clean your teeth effectively and often hold onto bacteria that can affect your oral health. You should also safely dispose of the old toothbrush after recovering from sickness to avoid the spread of germs and potentially compromise other peoples’ overall health, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Follow the ‘2×2 Rule’

You should always brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day with a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush. While using your manual toothbrush, be sure to brush gently in a circular motion. And if you use an electric toothbrush, gently brush in a gliding motion. You can also try to sing a happy birthday song in your mind. To encourage the kids, make brushing together an essential part of you and your family’s daily routine.

Taking care of your oral and overall health has never been more critical. As we all stay home more and socially distancing ourselves to combat the spread of COVID-19, let’s also remember to continue fighting plaque, cavities, and tooth decay.

If you need advice on your oral health or any particular dental treatment, call us on 519-537-6666 or book an appointment with us today.

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